Chord Guitar Firehouse – Dream

Am F G Am  F  G  Am

Am                    F                       Am    
I bet I've seen that face a hundred times or more

Then you shed a tear
Am                     F                                     G   Em
What do you want from me? Is it something more than I can give?
Just let me know
 G                  Em         F
Then you walk in my arms and say
  G         F        G  
I need you more today

c       Am    G
Dream baby dream
c                 Am                   G 
Kiss me goodnight and I'll rock you to sleep
c      Am     G       Em    F    
Dream baby dream.... just slippin' away

Am                    F                       Am 
Sometimes I'm so afraid there's nothing I can do
You're always on my mind
Am                     F                                G   Em
You know my hands were tied, and you know how hard I tried
To never let you go
 G                  Em         F     G F G
Then you walk in my arms and say goodbye


 F                       G
Down on my knees I pray for you every day
 F                       G
I've been alone since you went away



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