Chord Guitar Air Suplay – Without You

No I can't forget this evening
Or your face as you were leaving
      F#m                                  G#
But I guess that's just the way the story goes
You always smile but in your eyes
             F#           E      B7
Your sorrow shows yes it shows

No I can't forget tomorrow
When I think of all my sorrows
        F#                              G#
When I had you there but then I let you go
         C#m                                 F#
And now it's only fair that I should let you know
            E        B7
What you should know

        E          C#m
I can't live if living is without you             2X
       F#m           B7
Can't give I can't give anymore       
        E          C#m          
I can't live, if living is without you
        F#m            B7               
I can't give, I can't give anymore

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